Black Friday 苹果手机逆天价!
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Apple Watch Black Friday Cyber Monday dealsBlack Friday deals are mostly for older Apple Watch models. 黑五苹果经典版手机的逆天价

  • Apple is offering a $25 Apple gift card with purchases of the Apple Watch Series 1 on Black Friday. 买一块一系列老版手机,赠送25美元购物卡

If you've been eyeing the Apple Watch, you might be able to save big by buying it on Black Friday. 如果你确实喜欢某一款苹果手机,想多看他一眼,只要你买,就有可能省大钱了!!

With the help of the deal-tracking website and the Apple news blog MacRumors, we gathered a list of the retailers offering deals on Apple Watches this Black Friday.如果你登陆,你会发现我们专门为你准备了一个黑五大家加的苹果手机清单!

The deals announced so far are primarily for older Apple Watch models, but they're still great gets — especially for people who don't necessarily need the latest model. 现在我们主要是经典版苹果手机,专门为那些没有给予需要新版苹果手机的人而准备!

Apple Watch Series 1 苹果手机系列 1

  • Macy's — $70 off on 38-millimeter models that retail for $180 and on 42-mm models that retail for $229 from Wednesday to Saturday. 在梅西,38英寸表盘原价180美元,减价70美元,42英寸表盘原价229美元的减价180美元;
  • diaTarget — $70 off for models starting at $180. 在Target店,原价180美元的,立减70美元!
  • Best Buy — $50 off on 38-mm aluminum models priced at $199.Bestbuy店。原价199美元的38英寸的立减50美元!
  • Apple — $25 Apple gift card for purchasing 38-mm that retail for $249 or 42-mm models that retail for $279. Apple店,买一块249美元38英寸的,送25美元苹果礼品卡。

Accessories 配件

  • Best Buy — Apple Watch bands up to 30% off select models. 在Bestbuy,苹果表带减价30%
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