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1. The damsel in distress.

You love feeling like a superhero. Rescuing that troubled woman is somehow so appealing. You must ask yourself -- Why is she always having problems? Why is there always something bad happening to her? Just remember, if you rescue a damsel in distress, you end up with nothing more than a distressed damsel. Ask yourself what will happen if you needed to count on her. You should not have to rescue a person time and again. The only thing you should rescue is a pet!

2. The psycho.

These women are often beautiful. You are easily blinded by her beauty, though. She has anger outbursts, unpredictable moods, one minute wants a hug and the next is biting your head off. She may have an actual personality disorder and zero insight about her behavior. She may even say she has “bad PMS,” but do not buy that excuse!

3. The control freak.

She’s domineering and bossy. She makes all the decisions and beats you down when you try to yourself. She decides where you go on dates and who you go with. She may be isolating you from your regular friends. You are starting to become her lapdog. You may even begin to wonder if it matters that you exist in the relationship, as you have no voice. Your friends are definitely noticing. They are losing respect for you and see you as spineless. It is time to take back your self-respect and leave this woman!

4. The needy one.

She is a bottomless well of needs. Clingy, clingy, clingy. You must constantly reassure her of your love, and that everything in the relationship is okay. She wanted to get married from date three and believes you are her “soulmate.” If you don’t answer or respond to texts instantly she is in a panic. Forget about any “boy’s night out.” She will sulk and cry. Your phone will be blowing up all evening. There is no way for you to ever make this person feel secure and you may die trying.

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